Carter S-10

over 3 years ago
Carter S-10
Cartwright Thompson
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Carter S-10, 3+5 with parts to add two more pedals.
This is a great sounding and playing guitar. It is not pristine but it is pretty clean and well maintained, I think it looks really cool with the black deck. It has a very lightly-wound Truetone, which gives it a very classic Sho-Bud like tone. There is also some kind of coil tap switch that changes the tone some. I never switched it but if you wanted to have Jerry rewind the pickup, it would be easy toadd a coil tap on a beefier wound coil. I was always planning on switching the TT with a George L's but I like the sound so much that I never got around to it. I will include a George L's pickup with the guitar. I think it is an E-66 as it came off my other Carter.
The guitar came to me with five pedals. I removed them but all the parts (see photos) will be included in the sale. I was going to take off the cross rods and sell the two pedal kits but never got around to that either.
It would be easy to make this a single C-6 setup, or just add a Franklin pedal. It is very easy to change the copedant on these guitars. If you need a rod or two, Al Brisco has them.
If you look at the photos of the underside, you'll notice that seven of the pull rods are copper. I don't know why, maybe to reduce wear on the "barbells". It came to me like this and they have always worked perfectly.
The case was worked over by somebody's cat (not mine!), but it is solid as a rock otherwise.
I used this as a stay at home practice guitar and it has served me well. I hate to part with it but I can't afford to keep it. I would be happy to take more photos, just let me know what you'd like to see.
$1750+shipping from 04102