Real nice Carter SD-10 4 and 5 $2200 plus shipping

over 2 years ago
Real nice Carter SD-10  4 and 5  $2200 plus shipping
Lonnie Portwood
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Jacksonville, fl. USA

The pictures tell the story, so take a look and let me know what you think. I did install a new 705 which I got from Bill Ferguson. This guitar is set up basic Emmons, with Franklin pedal on left. Raise E's on LKL, Lower E's on RKL, Lower 5 and 10 on LKV, Lower 2 and 9 on RKR.
LKR moves three strings,which I got from Randy Beavers, I forgot to write it down before I posted this. If you will email me I'll get it for you. It gives the ability to get a lot of interesting C-6 phrasing, etc. Enjoy the pic's.
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