S-10--3 and 4--Nashville LTD black mica w/pad $1350 shipped

over 4 years ago
S-10--3 and 4--Nashville LTD black mica w/pad $1350 shipped
Lonnie Portwood
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Jacksonville, fl. USA

previous owner told me this guitar was built by Gary Rittenberry. SN 591 If you look at the pics, you'll see its very much like a Sho-bud. Pedal and levers have good, smooth, positive action. Set-up is basic "Emmons", but "E's" lower on RKL.
Both rear leg sockets have Heli-coils due to damaged threads in the sockets. Left works fine, but I removed the heli-coil on the right rear, filled with 3690 PSI JB Weld, drilled and tapped, and seems to be holding fine. I fashioned two braces on rear legs to aid in stabilising the lateral movement. As you can see, it has a George L E-66 P/up.
I bought this one to keep for myself, but have since found a Carter locally that a friend is going to sell me.
This a good guitar with lots of music left in it, and far better than any starter models you'll find at this price, $1350 Shipped US.
PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking.
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