Modded Carvin LB76F - Lined Fretless

over 6 years ago
Modded Carvin LB76F - Lined Fretless
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Columbus, IN

I got this bass in a trade earlier this year, and while I CAN play it Very Well, I'm not a 6-string guy. I could go either way with the Fretless, but I prefer them.
So, without further Au Due, I give you a Vintage ('98 - '99) Carvin LB76F bass is Whatever-Shade of White!
Yes, the Top has been Modded. The previous owner was a Cabinet maker. He didn't like the "Gumby" Headstock and made it look more "Traditional".
Serial Number:
Headstock Pics. He Really did a Pro-Job.
And the WICKED Bridge!
I'll let this go for $550 shipped, or interesting Trades in the $650 range. If you;ve ever been curious about Carvin's, 6-Strings, or Lined Fretless basses, here is your chance to find out. It took me about 10 minutes to get the "Feel" for fretless with the lines. The 6th string lets you play the Width of the neck instead of the Length, and Carvin makes a Badd A$$ Bass.