New Telonics 409-PWT 10 String Pick Up

over 1 year ago
Andy DePaule
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Saigon, Viet Nam & Eugene, Oregon

New Telonics 409-PWT 10 String Pick Up, $175.00 shipped anywhere.
PayPal Friends & Family accepted.
Have had it out of the package but never used, Still complete. These are $200.00 plus shipping new.
I will sell for $165.00 shipped anywhere by registered Airmail from here in Saigon, Viet Nam.
PayPal Friends & Family accepted.
Send me a pm or e-mail for my PayPal e-mail address.
Had planned to use this on one of my PSGs but decided to use another instead.
These have a strong bright tone that so many steelers prefer, but I tend to like a warmer darker tone so I am selling it.
Here are two links to Dave Hartly talking about these pickups so you will have an idea about the tone;
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