***1955 Fender Studio Deluxe Rare "Forest White" Model***

almost 2 years ago
Mark Helm
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Tennessee, USA

I have a Fender Studio Deluxe Consolette Lap Steel named for Fender production manager Forrest White.
Steel, legs, case AND shipping included: $1,000
There's an interesting story here.
Apparently, Leo came up with the idea to honor White without even telling him.
Thanks to Brad Davis for this charming story from White's autobiography, p. 89
In early 1955, I was in the woodshop in Building #3, and an employee from the stockroom came in and asked me what I wanted him to do with the "White" nameplates that just came in. I said, "If they are white, send them back because our nameplates are brown and chrome."
He said, "No, you don't understand; they are 'White.'"
And I guess I must have looked at him a little strange when I replied, "Look! I just told you if they are white to send them back."
Then he said, "Here, look at what I'm talking about." The name on the nameplate was White.
That was when and how I found out that Leo had used my name for the new line of "studio" guitars and amplifiers intended for music studios (not regular dealers), where students were taught to play instruments. The tube charts to be placed inside the amplifier cabinets said "White Instrument Co., Fullerton, California." Leo had not said anything to me about naming the line after me. I had been purchasing all of our manufacturing parts and material for a long time. Leo had ordered the name-plates and labels and must have told the supplier not to tell me because it was a surprise.
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