2000 Danelectro Hodad Electric 12-string

12 months ago
2000 Danelectro Hodad Electric 12-string
Nic Neufeld
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Kansas City, Missouri

Hi guys,
This guitar has been sitting around unused too long.
I'm a little gunshy about shipping it, but I'm sure I can sort that out.
I bought it around 2000, give or take a year I'd say.
Blue sparkle finish that varies from a very dark, almost black navy blue to a sparkling sapphire blue depending how the light hits it.
Three lipstick coils, and a rotary switch that gives a broad variety of sounds (all combinations are in series, so you can get more of the thicker sound when combining pickups) and a master switch that throws all pickups on in series...more output, fuller tone (the Nigel Tufnel Eleven "That Little Push Over the Cliff" switch, apparently).
It's seen very light use.
I've probably played out with it 1, 2,...maybe not even half a dozen times?
I recorded a song for a wedding with it in 2000/2001.
But I'm not an electric 12-string player, I realized.
If you want jangle and chime, it has it, for a lot less than a Rickenbacker.
Sits nicely on the shoulder (they are hollow construction) and I always liked the Mosrite style body the Hodads had.
I have it listed locally for 300.
With shipping, I'm not sure, I'd have to sort something out since I was planning to use the case for my Danelectro Hodad Baritone (which I'm keeping...unless you are desperately searching for one of these, in which case, make me an offer!
Anyway, I haven't listed it on other sites but I thought I'd put it here.
I'd entertain trade offers involving either 1.) archtop guitars, acoustic or electric...looking for a nice jazz rhythm box or 2.) 8 string lap steel, maybe...not overly happy with my current lap guitar...[/img]_________________60s Fender 400 (A7), '57 Stringmaster (C13/B11/A6), Morrell lap steel