Takeout's Second Bass Mega-Sale (Fenders, Italia, Danelectro Bass VI): Huge Pics

about 7 years ago
Takeout's Second Bass Mega-Sale (Fenders, Italia, Danelectro Bass VI): Huge Pics
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Kansas City area

Building a war chest to make a run at the right Stingray, so no trades thanks (unless, obviously, involving the right Stingray *EDIT* or an MXR M87 comp). Plenty of pics; hopefully they'll answer most questions as to condition.
The Fenders:
A/E Fretless, natural finish, Cafe Walter preamp upgrade, original case. Wearing D'Addario half-rounds (not pictured), but will include the well-broken-in tapewounds it arrived with (pictured). Nice and light, slim jazz neck, fretboard is in great shape. Tuners have some oxidation, saddle was cut into a two-piece to give the G string its own downward pressure on the piezo. $600 shipped.
*SOLD* Marcus Miller Jazz, vintage white, modded/well-loved player's bass purchased right here on TB. And I mean well-loved - most of what you see in the pics was there when I got her. Upgraded Wilkinson tuners, currently wearing Geddy bevel-pole pickups wired passive with an S-1 series/parallel switch. Neck was steel-wooled for speed at some point. White pickguard set is Pickguardian, but I'd throw in the original black pickguards too. If you're looking for active, it originally came with an Aguilar 18V OBP-1 preamp (V/V/T/B) that I'd be happy to throw in. I'm guessing about $550 shipped in a Levy's gig bag.
*SOLD to JonKim* Danelectro Dead-On Baritone, strung as a Bass VI. Some tarnish on the lipstick pickups, bridge string slots needed some filing to accommodate bass strings but will still string bari. Tons of fun, especially if you're a pick player or a fingerstyle guitar guy/gal. No case or bag, but will pack well for travel. $300 shipped.
Italia Mondial, currently wearing D'Addario Chromes. In great shape with the exception of a crack near the f-hole (tried to photo), and a small nick out of the neck paint (G string side, around 3rd fret). Neither blemish affects playability or indicates any other issue. I didn't find the piezo very useful, but the neck pickup does exactly what you'd think and a couple other tricks besides. $300 shipped in a gig bag.
I have some other stuff for sale in that same album (http://s155.beta.photobucket.com/use...ary/For%20Sale), if you feel like perusing. PM for info/pricing.