Topic:  2005 Derby D-10 8/8 Burgandy

over 7 years ago
Topic:  2005 Derby D-10 8/8 Burgandy
Frank Parish
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Nashville,Tn. USA

It's as close to mint as you're going to get folks. It plays like butter and has less than 100 hours of playing time on it. Emmons set-up, GL 10-1 p-ups, the Franklin pedal on No 4. It's been set up with about every possibility for splits, raises the 8th string a whole step on the 3rd pedal in addition to the usual 4 and 5 whole tone raises on E9.
It cost $4400 new and would be the same thing you get when you order a new one now so it's virtually a new guitar at a lot cheaper price. It has a rich tone and great sustain on both necks. The case is like new as well with the Cowboy tolex. The price is $3000 plus shipping to the lower 48.
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