Topic:  Derby D10, 8 & 5

about 7 years ago
Topic:  Derby D10, 8 & 5
James Compton
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I hope this story doesn't bore anyone too much. My father was a barber and introduced me to Charlie Stepp in 1990 at his shop (garage) behind his house on Dixie Highway. Charlie was just getting started with his guitars. I played one of his first ones in his living room and fell in love. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford one at the time. However, one year later I received some PCS money from the USAF prior to a move from LA to CA. My dad was coming to visit me and I asked him to talk with Charlie about bringing one of his guitars down for the visit. Charlie agreed, sent it with my dad along with the words, "Pay me when you can." Needless to say, it never made it back to Louisville. I played this guitar for a number of years in LA, CA and IL. However, it hasn't been played since 2004 due to many moves and job requirements. Now the fingers don't work like they used to and it's time to find someone else to take this guitar and play it like it should be played. I was a member of this forum a long time ago and rejoined hoping to find it a new owner. The guitar is serial No. 006 (photo provided)and is one of the few that have the "Emmons" Derbys on the fretboard and name plate. Other than that, it's a Derby and you know how they play and sound. The is still in great condition. One downside that came with the guitar is that you have to manually move the lever for the second pedal (bends strings 3 and 6) to insert the rod (I had to call Charlie because I couldn't get it to insert in the hole.) The inside of the case is still very nice but the outside has some road scars. It's a Jimmy Day setup. I currently live in the Tampa, FL area. I post photos and can take others if needed. It is currently October 21, 2012 3:30 PM EST. The best offer I receive by midnight October 26th owns it. I will ship it to the lower 48 only.
Andy Compton