1965 Emmons Push-Pull For Sale

7 months ago
Marty Muse
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Steel Guitar Forum
Austin,Tx USA

For sale: 1965 Emmons wraparound, serial # 2171. Emmons setup 8+7.
Pickups are original rewound by Jerry Wallace to 16K. Fretboards were replaced 20+ years ago with white line Emmons fretboards. Original Kluson tuners have been replaced with brand new Klusons.
Very interesting guitar with a rich history. I have been trying to determine the exact history of this steel ever since I purchased it in about 1990. Have not come to any definitive conclusion but it appears to be one kindat least it's the only one I've seen like it. Its possible it could have been a transitional model between the classic wraps and the bolt-on; notice the two holes behind each changer that seem to have been where the changers might have been mounted. If that is the case the changers were replaced with the more conventional changer mount. There is also an extra row of tuning holes on the endplate, presumably to accommodate a split tuning system of some sort. The only Emmons guitars that I have heard of that had this were the 1964 that was built for Buddy Emmons (owned by Dave Robbins) and the 1965 built for Weldon Myrick that I had presumed (as did a number of other people) this one to be. I no longer think that this is the Weldon Myrick steel as you can watch YouTube videos of him playing it and it doesnt look the same. The decal is in the wrong place and its bigger to name a couple of things. The decal on this steel is the originalprobably. It is the decal that you normally see on the bolt-on era guitars and could be that it was changed when and if the changer swap was done. I have spoken to many of the folks that I would consider experts on Emmons history and there does not appear to be any definitive conclusion as to what it is.
I do know this: the serial # dates it to 1965, it has the classic wraparound necks, and it sounds great. I'm asking $7000.00 for it. Serious buyers please send me a private message if you want more info or more pictures.