Emmons S-10 bolt-on

4 months ago
Steve Blazek
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Steel Guitar Forum
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

When I got this guitar it had 6 pedals 1 original knee lever and two home made knee levers, Mike Cass added the other three period correct knee levers, filled all the holes, flocked the underside, jeweled the neck and polished all of the chrome. I wanted to keep the original mica so Mike put one of his "Boo Boo badges" over a small hole that remained from one of the home made knee levers.
Original case, original volume pedal, original leg pouch. includes the other three floor pedals and pedal rods also a vertical knee lever and cross shaft that i never got around to installing.plays great and rings like a bell, it does have a couple of tuning keys that are pretty hard to turn. $4,000 plus shipping.