2016 INFINITY, Blue S-10, 4 X 6 $4300.

over 1 year ago
F/S:  2016 INFINITY, Blue S-10, 4 X 6   $4300.
Scott Truax
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2016 S-10 Infinity, 4 X 6, 1" UNDER standard height
NEVER been out of my music room. I'm selling this guitar and my prized Rittenberry SD-10 Prestige because upcoming medical procedures will no longer
allow me to move around heavy equipment. (as I am also a guitar player, I'm keeping the 6 string guitars.)
This is NOT a distress sale. And, the price is
firm. I prefer not to ship, but will. Buyer pays
Emmons tuning, E's raise and lower on LK.
LKV lowers 5 & 10
RKL raises 1,2 and lowers 6 a whole
RKR lowers 2 a half and a whole and lowers 9 a half.
a,b,c are standard Emmons. pedal 4 lowers B's to A
The RKL (inside) lowers 6 and 9 a half.
The Red Dirt case is new as well.
Questions and or sale... by my PM please.
Thanx for looking...