over 1 year ago
Scott Truax
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FOR SALE, "INFINITY" Patriot Blue, S-10, with half pad on the rear deck.
4 floor pedals and 6 knee levers.
Emmons setup with E(s) on left leg, P 1-3 are Emmons, P-4 lowers 5 & 10 a whole tone.
Standard height.
Telonics 409 pickup.
Laser engraved fret board.
Chrome/Alloy lite weight legs
Custom cover by Sharp, Nashville, TN.
Heavy duty, wheeled, "Red Dirt case".
Included (2) sets of SIT strings.
I am the original owner and purchased the guitar in July, 2016.
The guitar is in "As New" condition. (See photos)
And, has never been gigged or out of my home music room.
All original as set up by builder Frank Carter, and no changes have been made to it.
Guitar (alone) weight:
30 lbs.
In the case: 57 lbs.
Please direct all questions thru my "Forum email".
Price is:
$3.400.00 plus S&I
(NO trades, please).
Buyer to pay actual shipping and insurance costs.
Thank you for looking.