Pair of Bill Lawrence 705's Widemount $85 Shipped CONUS

over 1 year ago
Jack Stanton
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Somewhere in the swamps of Jersey

These are the reissue Lawrence pickups. I was trying to put them in my Push Pull and had a problem getting them low enough, so I had some of the mounting plate material professionally milled off, as per Jim Palenscar.
Jim wrote in a recent thread:
It was a bit of a conundrum as we were trying to install a late model 705 into John's pushpull and I had only about .100" (a small 1/8") clearance between the pickup and the strings- too little clearance. The 705's were about .200" taller than the original single coil Emmons pickups. After unsuccessfully trying to remove the bottom plate of the pickup(removing the 2 screws did not free it from the bobbins) and slotting the Emmons pickup mounting plate to allow for the pickup cable I realized that the legs of the pillow blocks were the problem and that the bobbins were wider than the distance between the pillow blocks. I thought that if I were able to remove the portion of the base plates that extended over the pillow blocks it would allow for enough clearance so I put the pickups in the milling machine and took about 90% of the plastic material off of the ends of the base plates. I also swapped the aluminum spacers out under the pickup with rubber O rings as well as replaced the pickup mounting screws with shorter ones and that gave me enough clearance to be confident that it would be enough.
After all that I found I was a single coil type of guy. The milled material in no way effects the sound or integrity in any way. The leads were short when I got them, so I extended them.