Peavey Pacer Chassis, with two Reverb Tanks

about 1 year ago
Darvin Willhoite
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Steel Guitar Forum
Liberty Hill, Tx. USA

I'm still cleaning out my shop, this is an old Peavey Pacer chassis with the original and also a new replacement reverb tanks. They both work but the new one has a longer decay time which sounds much better to me. The pictures show an odd knob for the reverb control, but I have an aluminum knob like the others that I will replace it with before it ships. The amp works and sounds pretty good to me. It is shown with the original speaker which works but looks bad and sounds a little "brittle" to me, but if you want it, I will include it. These are getting more and more rare, especially ones that work.
The price is $50.00 plus shipping.
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