Promat D-10 For Sale, Very Nice and Special

9 months ago
Promat D-10 For Sale, Very Nice and Special
Andy DePaule
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Saigon, Viet Nam & Eugene, Oregon

I am looking to sell my Promat D-10.
Was told it was #11 so that would make it about 2007 or 2008 I think.
The first two photos are natural untouched pictures of the steel taken last year by me.
Since that time I have had it worked on by Jim Palenscar of Steel Guitars Of North Country where the guitar resides today.
Jim replaced the original fretboards which had rather week color in the red and blue position markers making them hard to see in some light.
I gave him two new unused Emmons Chrome fret boards which he installed as well as adjusting the entire guitar to operate perfectly. Now they have very good color so that is no longer an issue.
The next photo is from the Promat web site.
The other three photos were from the person with the original post who sold me the steel.
I will not mention names, but he had doctored these photos with heavy use of contrast and saturation as well as other photoshop tricks that he uses in all his posts to hide damage and make a more presentable instrument.
When it arrived it had scratches in the front of the end plates that Jim sanded out and polished for me. Now the guitar actually does look and play like new as Id been told when I bought it.
The seller seems to have tossed screws and some other odd parts loose in the case and then tried to blame the carrier for the damage. No Names thank you.
Every person who has played this steel has told me they think it is as good or better than any Emmons they have played. I am no Emmons expert, but it is a fine playing steel with very smooth action. The tone and sustain are both very very good.
The reason I am selling this is it was the first time in 40+ years of playing that Id bought a Push Pull. I am just not a PP guy as it turns out and now think it better to pass this on to someone who really desires this kind of steel. I also have several other very nice pedal steel guitars.
It can be seen and played at Jims shop, Steel Guitars Of North Country in Oceanside, California. I welcome all to go and try out this fine instrument.
If your a PP guy who loves that classic sound you will fall in love with this guitar.
To my knowledge Mr. Papic built 27 steels prior to his death last year. Best I can figure there is one other just like this in Hawaii (Without the Gold tuners) and another almost the same. but with wood necks in the US mainland.
I think there is also one S-10 in this color combination in Europe somewhere. Most are the classic Black Mica color.
Mine and I think one other have the gold tuners, but most are standard silver.
I am selling this at a loss to see it go to a good player with a good home.
If I do not get the price Im asking I will keep it and become a PP kind of guy.
The steel is standard Emmons copedent on both necks. E9th has the Es on the left knee and 2nd & 9th string lowers on the Right. The other right knee lowers the 6th string to F# and raises the 1st string to G#. C6th neck also has all the standard pedal and knee changes in the usual place.
Price is $4,500.00 or I keep it. I believe these Promat Steels are some of the best ever made and that the value will increase in time because of the quality and the very limited number of instruments available._________________Custom inlaid Star Guitar 2006 by Mark Giles. SD-10 4+5 in E9th;
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