For Sale My Lindert pair: Bass and Guitar

over 2 years ago
F Bass
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Well, it's not been long that I've had the bass, but it appears time to move them on.
I rarely play the guitar at all, and while I absolutely adore the bass, it's far too heavy for me these days.
If you're not familiar with these things, they're semihollow with tweed inserts (some got velvet!); the chambered cores are MDF, of all things, and I am not sure what the facings are made of.
The bass is an uber-rare Lindert Locomotive P, which I bought here on TB after eyeballing it for years.
It is, even in photos, the only one I've ever seen.
Made in USA - Chelan, WA - by Charles Lindert.
The neck is unusual in profile, a half-round half-V setup that is flatter on the bass side; it is remarkably comfortable, and the action is so low and fast it's unlike any other P I've ever played.
The aftermarket Quarter Pounder pickup makes it boom with authoritahhh (original pup will be included), although right now the E string is giving me a bit of that phaser sound that signals one should change or reseat it -but I love that sound so I'm not gonna!
The finish can best be described as rhino-liner texture on the brown facings and the cream colored edge, if you're curious.
I love the look, I love the sound, I love the playability; I would rock this as my main bass if I could somehow gut 2 whole pounds out of it.
Weighs 10lb 1oz.
Too much even for my wide-ass comfort strapp, though it does balance perfectly.
The guitar is a Lindert Conductor, Les Paul style but with a 25.5" scale.
Dual humbuckers with not only a regular selector switch, but also a series/parallel switch!
This one is the cheaper MIK line, so it's got a smooth, slightly sparkled brown finish.
8lbs even.
The only caveat to this one is that there is a loose connection in the controls and sometimes bumping it will make it cut out.
I will get that repaired if I have time.
Buy the set for $1500 and I'll split the shipping with you.
I'm also trying to think of trades but nothing is super pressing at the moment.