12 Beatles, Beach Boys (Brian Wilson), Elvis Costello DVDs

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Mark Helm
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Paul McCartney - The Independence Concert: Kiev, Ukraine, June 14th (2008). 32 songs, rare. Professionally filmed. CONDITION: Excellent. Looks almost new. Box is in VG condition and works perfectly.
Paul McCartney
The Space Within US, concert film. 30+ Song A&E special. CONDITION: Good condition, minor scuffing and wear. Case is in VG condition.
Paul McCartney - The Music and Animation Collection (2004)
CONDITION: Good condition with minor scuffing, some wear. Box and case have light wear (see photos); insert included: lower left corner cut and some minimal wear, 98% of text or more is intact.
Anthology, #s 5 & 6. CONDITION: Good condition with some considerable wear, however, it still plays; could stand a resurfacing. Case in VG condition w/ insert intact.
Anthology, #s 7&8. CONDITION: (Same as above); Case is missing, but disc is in the Special Features case.
The Rutles 2: Cant Buy Me Lunch.
The Pre-Fab Four strikes again. Take another ride w/ Dirk, Stig, Nasty, and Barry! Eric Idle written and directed. (56 minutes + 25 minutes of additional interviews). CONDITION: Excellent. Case VG+,
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds (2003). Absolutely stunning concert film of Brian Wilsons revival of his 1966 classic. Full concert plus loads of extras, including a 40 minute documentary on the making of Pet Sounds. CONDITION: Disc is in VG shape as is the case.
Grand Theft Parsons
Rare 2004 cult film starring Johnny Knoxville as Phil Kauffman, the rock n roll manager who stole Gram Parsons body and burned it (as per his wishes) out at Joshua Tree. A must-have for any true rock and country fan. CONDITION: Fair/Good; case is in Good shape.
Come Together Live: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Performances include: Green Day, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Cream, Eddie Vedder, Jeff Beck and Johnny Lang, and John Fogerty. 176 minutes. CONDITION: Excellent. Case, VG+ condition.
Start Me Up Live : Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Performances include The Who, Tom Petty and the Hearbreakers, Traffic, Queen w/ David Grohl, The Byrds w/ Don Henley and Jackson Browne, Lynard Skynyrd, Mick Jagger, U2 w/ Bruce Springsteen, The Righteous Brothers and more! (169 minutes). CONDITION: Excellent (Like new). Case VG+ condition.
Elvis Costello & The Imposters Live in Memphis
Elivs absolutely killer 2005 performance. Guests include Emmy Lou Harris (they sing Gram Parsons and Elvis songs) . All the hits including Pump it Up, Alison, Whats So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?, High Fidelity, Radio Radio, Mystery Dance and more! (165 minutes). CONDITION: Fair-Good, Case is VG.
The Partridge Family
2nd Season, episodes 1-8. See David Cassidy in his absolute prime, feathered hair and all. And laugh at Danny! CONDITION: Excellent; Case is in VG shape._________________War-time Rick Model B (Panda), 1948 Rick Model S/NS, 1955 Fender Dual Professional 6-string (non-pedal)