51 Fender Dual Professional for trade

almost 2 years ago
John Rosett
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Steel Guitar Forum
Missoula, MT

I'm thinking about trading my 51 Dual Pro for a different guitar with wider string spacing.
This guitar started life as a triple neck, and when I got it, the outside neck had been sawed off and the leg sockets moved. Both of the pickups were weak, so I had them rebuilt, and they sound great now. Last year, I got a real D8 body, refinished it, and mounted all the parts on it. Also, all the wiring, knobs and switches have been replaced. The tuners work well, all of the original legs work fine, and the guitar has no functional issues. It has a non-original case.
I'd be interested in trading for a different D8 with more guitar-like string spacing. I'm really interested in a Gibson Consolette, but would look at anything that plays and sounds good. Cosmetics aren't very important.
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