Boss Tone

about 3 years ago
Boss Tone
Fred Rogan
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Steel Guitar Forum
Birmingham, AL USA

I have had this Boss Tone since 1971 and I was the second owner. I had my first steel then, a Fender 400, and with this Boss Tone I could get the same sound Jerry Garcia got on the New Riders of the Purple Sage song called Dirty Business. Anyway, I gave up the steel in 1974 and rarely touched the Boss Tone since I generally played strats. I took steel up again about 6 years ago but have never put this to use. The pots were a little scratchy but some contact cleaner fixed that.To my ear it sounds as good as when I got it - unbelievable sustain and as much crunch as you want.
$110 gets it shipped to CONUS, Paypal, and forum donation.
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