Fender Tele Plus

almost 2 years ago
Bob Jennings
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Steel Guitar Forum
Indiana, USA

Fender Tele Plus LACE Sensor Pick Ups, Red Neck and Double Blue Bridge, Sunburst. Bonnie Raitt Tweed Hardshell Case.
I bought this guitar new in 1995.
It had a Fender fitted hardshell case.
I also bought a Bonnie Raitt Stratocaster with a Tweed Case.
The neck being too narrow for me, I decided to sell this guitar.
The person that bought it only wanted the guitar and not the case.
So, I put the Tele Plus in the Bonnie Raitt Case and sold the fitted case back to the music store.
The Bonnie Raitt Case looks the same as a regular Tweed Fender Case except that the Bonnie Raitt Case has leather trim and a leather handle. I haven't played the Tele Plus much, probably about ten-twenty hours at the most since I bought it; it still has the original strings on it.
Excellent condition and a nice piece of Fender History, especially with the LACE Sensor Pick Ups.
$2000.00 plus shipping.
Bob Jennings