Metz 1952 Blackguard Tele Replica. $1750.00 Shipped.

9 months ago
Jeff Metz Jr.
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Steel Guitar Forum
York, Pennsylvania, USA

Here for sale is a real sweet T style guitar.Built using only the finest quality components, sparing no nitty gritty details! This is the Tele for the The Tele fanatic.
Lightweight 2 pc. swamp ash body, with a thin nitro butterscotch blonde finish. Fender Lic. neck with 50's style heel adjust truss rod. Soft-medium "V" profile. Has a bit of heft but not as chunky as the boats or baseball bats sometimes used.
All the little details are recreated here including the dowel marks, Nail holes, "D" stamps, as well as Dates, and Initials. squared off control cavity, and router hump! Even recreated all the router marks left in cavities. All aged perfectly to recreate the look, feel, and tone of a well worn old friend.
This is as close as you will get to a 50's Blackguard without spending $25k and up.
Actual 1950's CRL 3 way switch. CTS solid shaft 250k pots, Luxe Radio Paper in oil wax capacitor, rainbow resistor. Switchcraft Jack. Callaham Bakelite pick guard, complete with lacquer can "halo" on reverse side.. Vintage cloth wiring throughout.
Eric Daw Custom wound pickups. Bridge pickup is made slightly microphonic to not only amplify the signal of the strings, but it also amplifies the natural acoustic properties of the Swamp ash. Making this baby really come to life!
You really need to play her to understand. Free shipping to lower 48. Hardshell case included. Also comes with Aged ashtray bridge cover.
Thanks for looking.
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