NEW COODERCASTER! excellent slide, bottle neck, strat guitar

7 months ago
NEW COODERCASTER! excellent slide, bottle neck, strat guitar
Thomas Curran
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Steel Guitar Forum
Massachusetts, USA

NEW COODERCASTER, for Sale, /excellent slide, bottle neck, strat guitar - $2200. plus shipping & insurance
(the actual cost to your destination)
For Sale; Recently completed, New Coodercaster
All USA Coodercaster for sale;
Wildwood, (licensed by Fender), 2 tone Sunburst, Alder body, Nitro finish, with light aging and finish checking by MJT Aged Guitar Finishes.
Fender USA Vintage tremolo bridge
Pre-'64 Teisco pickup (not USA) @ (neck position)
Lollar Supro Steel Guitar Pickup @ (bridge position)
This is an exact copy of the Supro/ Valco/ National string through steel guitar pickup.
CTS 250 pots; (1) Volume and (2) Tone controls with ( .015) capacitors.
Awesome Tone! whether you want to use with or without a slide, (no restrictions).
The action can be adjusted to your preference(s).
Great bottleneck slide guitar!
Musikraft (licensed by Fender) 21 Fret, Bone Nut, Medium Tint Satin Nitro finish, Very nice Maple neck, Medium C profile, VintageVeneer style, Darker Rosewood fret-board, 21 fret with Semi-Rolled edges, 10" radius. Aged,Vintage style tuners.
Set-up with 11's (heavy bottoms)
Vintage style Fender case included.
Please see photos (attached) for description and condition.
NOTE; "This guitar is new, made to look older and used. Nitro, aged finish."
Please contact me with any questions.
Thank you.