Olsen Custom Ollandoc Hollowbody( Must See)

almost 2 years ago
Orlando Colom
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

Here is an Olsen Langedoc custom guitar copy. The real deal are 10k, this is far in price from that, but looks like a 10k guitar. It's light , has a killer neck, and plays like butter. As it has a great set up. It's loaded with Duncan P rails which are switchable from single to p90 to humbucker all from 1 pickup. This is a maple top and back, mahogany sides and neck with rosewood board.
With ebony tailpiece. The feel,of this guitar is incredible. Specially for the price. It's like new, And has a nice hard shell case. almost forgot,the tuners are upgraded Fender tuners, and it's a 24 fret 25.5 scale neck. You got to,play this guitar it's a killer.
$650 shipped gets it. You wont see a nicer one than this. Specially loaded with P Rails.