Rickenbacher B6 Mid '40s

about 1 year ago
Kevin Weatherbee
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Steel Guitar Forum
Maine, USA

Mid '40's is my best guess.
I felt comfortable with '46, but what do I know?
Original hardshell case, everything is in good shape for 70+ years old.
Tuning buttons disintegrated long ago and were replaced with teak buttons.
A new set from Stew Mac is less than $20, but these work fine.
I'm guessing it's a 1.25" horseshoe, but I have no idea how to measure it.
I just make the noise.
She doesn't like cheap solid state amps, and didn't impress me on a Fender Pro Jr., but when I plugged it into a Fender Excelsior she sounded divine.
I know where there's an old beat up Rick amp for sale nearby of similar vintage, maybe older.
Papa needs a new banjo.
Keeping the Magnatone lap just because.

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