Tubes and more

about 1 year ago
Tubes and more
Orlando Colom
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Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

Selling tubes I no longer need. All have been well tested and are as described. Nothing new compares to ally to these tubes. Or last as long.
1 Millard gz-34/ 5ar4. The best of the best. It's used but test new. This is made I. Great Britain and has the serrated edges on the plates and Millard codes.
$55.00 shipped.
2. Telefunken ecc83/12ax7. Smooth plates test like new. Logo is mostly there. on bottom. $50.00 shipped.
3. Telefunken ecc81/12at7. Another great tube. It's used
has the on bottom and test like new. $20.00 shipped
4. Amperex 12at7. Test great and has orange amperex logo.
$15.00 shipped.
RCA blackplate 12at7. Used but test great too. Killer in Fender Amps.
$15.00 shipped.
6. Pair of GE 6v6 gt tubes. They are used but gave more than 90% life left.
They simply sound a lot better than any new tube made today.
$35.00 shipped
7. Pair of NOS ting-sol 12at7 tubes. Killer in old original boxes.
$40.00 a pair shipped.
8. 3 NOS original Ei flat plate 12ax7/ecc83. Made on the original telefunken machines.
They were rebranded for mesa boogie in the early 80's. These are killer!
30.00 each shipped.
Lastly I have a whole lot of new and nos knobs for pedals and amps.
About 50+ in the box.
Some one put them to good use.
$55.00 shipped.