Fulawka D10 8 x 7 hybrid

about 2 years ago
Keith Bolog
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Wisconsin, USA

This Fulawka has the best tone of any guitar Ive owned, and is the second smoothest-playing. The Knee Levers are short throw. There is no cabinet drop and it stays in tune. Each bellcrank is custom matched to the desired pull and synchronized.
The little pull switch toggles RKL between necks, for easier operation. Pedal 4 is shared with both necks, see copedent.
705 pickups. Road Case. It is also beautiful, a deep purple color (note some bar damage to the lacquer on the neck) instead of the usual brown.
There is a series of youtube videos showing the manufacturing process.
I am selling because the RKR has a half shaft and cannot be hooked up to the C6 neck, and there are other copedent changes Id like.
I talked to Ed who said if I sent it in for modification he would do it immediately, but I decided against it.
I received it with a large quantity of OEM rods, bellcranks, and little parts, for most anything you'd want to DIY. Not sure where they came from since its pretty well equipped already.
The only guitars in this price range that I havent owned are Franklin and Zum which I might consider for trade, but not any others thank you.
You can call or text 262 7 oh 5 3484
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