Fulawka S10 3 & 5 Excellent condition $2,675 US

over 4 years ago
Fulawka S10    3 & 5   Excellent condition    $2,675  US
Paul Atkinson
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Ontario, Canada

Fulawka S10
3 pedals
5 levers
Anybody interested in Fulawkas already knows how great these guitars are.
The two things Fulawka owners tend to talk about their guitars besides how beautiful the solid maple cabinets are is how well they stay in tune and the over all precession and detail Ed puts into his guitars.
This guitar was built in 96 but Ed brought it up to current specs earlier this year.
These do not come up for sale very often.
The only reason I'm selling is to buy a double neck Fulawka.
This guitar is in excellent shape accept for a few small bar dings on the top.
It come's with original flight case also in excellent condition.
$2,675 US plus shipping.