Thomas D-10 8-5 Immaculate For Sale

over 3 years ago
Thomas D-10 8-5  Immaculate  For Sale
Lonnie Portwood
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Steel Guitar Forum
Jacksonville, fl. USA

Gather round Boys and Girls, feast your eyes on this "candy"!! I don't think I've ever seen a better built guitar than this Thomas. Those of you who know me know that I Love "Fulawka" Steel guitars and Ed Fulawka, and I gotta say, this Thomas is in the same class. Take a look at the undercarriage, how beautifully arranged and engineered, with
precision made parts throughout.
This gtr belonged to a 90 + year old man who sold it to a pawn shop. I couldn't get His name, but From the looks, I'd say its been played very little. I played the E-9 neck and have never heard any guitar with more sustain, or tone (playing through my "Shobud "christmas Tree" JBL D-130).
it was basically still in tune, only had to do minor tweaking. Cabinet is Mica, wood neck is sunburst lacquer.
If I were a C-6 player, this one would never leave my house, but I'm to old to start with that now, plus the weight. Guitar weighs 48 1/2, case
23 1/2.(less than MSA)
Folks, it simply gets no better than this, and in the words of Conway, "Darlin, you know I wouldn't lie" here's your chance to own a Rolls Royce for the price of a Chevrolet. Asking $3100 shipped to Cont US. I will include a new set of S.I.T. strings E-9. I don't have any C-6 sets.
I did check E-9 and C-6 action and everything is accurate smooth. Set up Emmons, with E's raised RKR, lowerd
RKL. Anyone interested can PM me for more info.
Don't let this one get by you.
Thanks for looking. Lonnie
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