Topic:  Fulawka D10 Pedal Steel Guitar 9 pedals 10 levers

over 5 years ago
Topic:  Fulawka D10 Pedal Steel Guitar 9 pedals 10 levers
Paul Atkinson
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I bought this double neck Fulawka (this was built in 2000) in August knowing that Ed Fulawka's pedal steel guitars are considered by many to be one of the absolute best pedal steel guitars in the world and this guitar lives up to that reputation. I also knew they are extremely hard to find so I jumped on this one when I had a chance. I had this guitar shipped directly to Ed then spent a day with him while he went through the guitar, setting it up, making some changes and adding a Franklin Pedal to the A pedal. But I simply don't have the time to play it and not playing it is like having a Ferrari in the driveway and never driving it so it should really be with someone who does have the time.
Ed's guitars are known for their incredible precision making the guitar play effortlessly with absolutely no mechanical noise from the pedals and levers. Ed meticulously winds all his own pick ups giving his guitar a full and rich sound. The cabinet is made from stunning birds eye maple and Ed assures his customers his guitars do not suffer from cabinet drop which seems to be the case.
Ed uses Gotoh machine heads, completely sealed. 16 to 1 ratio to ensure critical tuning.
Ed uses the highest quality aircraft materials giving the guitar great sustain and stability. Each independent roller is machined to fit the guage of the individual strings and is hard chromed to prevent wear and improve sound intonation. Floor pedals are noiseless with no pedal play from under-carriage to floor pedals. Ninety percent of the parts are hand-crafted.
If you know pedal steels, you know how great these guitars are and that they're worth the money. This guitar is in near mint condition.
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