Topic:  S-10 Fulawka for sale $3100 + shipping Case & Vol Pdl.

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Topic:  S-10 Fulawka for sale $3100 + shipping Case & Vol Pdl.
Lonnie Portwood
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Red Lacquer Maple with 3 pedals- 5 KL RKR Lowers 2 and 9, RKL Lowers E's, LKR raises 1 and 2, LKL raises E's LKV lowers 5 and 10.
If you are not familiar with The Fulawka, everything is hand made by Ed Fulawka, Ontario, Who has been building pedal steels since early Fifties. The only parts not hand made are the tuning machines and the Pedal rod "ball" ends. These guitars are known worlwide as some of the very finest of instruments.
You can own this one for $31
00.00 plus shipping, US. It comes with Fulawka custom case, and Fulawka volume pedal. These pics tell the rest of the story.
Thanks for looking. LLP
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