GFI D-10 for sale 8x5

over 1 year ago
GFI D-10 for sale  8x5
Abe Stoklasa
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Mt. Juliet, TN

Hey guys. Ive decided to unload some of my guitars.
My beautiful blue baked on aluminum finish gfi is something they stopped doing about a decade ago. It served me all around the world and on the tonight show and all the shows and football stadiums. Its been a great companion. But it just sits in my upstairs spare bedroom now because I have a single neck and its just more convenient most of the time.
Im selling it on consignment through steel guitars of Nashville, mainly because I dont want to have to deal with shipping and all that. And I dont haggle ha.
$2750. Give them a call. Just posted here to make you guys aware of it. Good to be back on the forum!
I got a weird setup that Im sure is different than yours, so youll probably need to re assign some knee levers, just a heads up
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