GFI Expo (Cajun Tuning)

about 1 year ago
GFI Expo  (Cajun Tuning)
Marty Broussard
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Steel Guitar Forum
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

I was going to add the 3rd pedal and 3 additional knee levers and make this my fly-guitar but my plans have changed. The guitar, case, and leg bag are in mint condition. It currently has 2 pedals and 1 knee lever. It is Black Mica.
It is setup as a traditional Cajun "G" copedant because the guitar belonged to the late Rodney "Hot Rod" Miller.
It can be easily switched to a an E9th copedant and added onto until you reach the maximum 3 pedals and 4 knee levers. The body is already pre-drilled.
The guitar currently sells for $2695.00 plus shipping from the factory, so if the 3 levers and 1 pedal is deducted per the current factory pricing the guitar would sell for $1695.00 plus shipping.
I'm asking $1350.00 shipped in the CON US plus any Paypal fees.
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