Gibson Mastertone RB-3 Banjo

about 1 year ago
Orlando Colom
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Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

Ok let me start by saying this banjo is a monster tone machine. I got it from a retired picker who had owned it for 40 years, though it looks like new. It's not. I've owned it a good while myself. It's a Pre War Mastertone RB-3 repro, though the old picker said it was a conversion. I did not think so, but I'd sounds and looked so good I had to have it. As you can see it's top notch build. There are no labels or numbers on this banjo. Though the pot is a 3 piece old maple pot. The tone ring is a Tennessee 20, one of the best ever made, and the rest of it is beautiful, and finished in nitro. As it blacklights like only old nitro does.
This as close to the real deal as you will get for a lot less money.
$1995.00 shipped gets it.