Vintage Gibson L1 (1915-1920)

about 1 year ago
Orlando Colom
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Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

I've had this old gal for a while. It's a
model L1. The label is there but I can't make out the fon on the neck lock or the label date. I bought the guitar a while back, and have decide to sell it. It's all there except for 1 endpin, tuners( originals in case but 1 button is missing) there are no extra holes from the klusons being put on.
The top and sides have been refinished a million years ago, the back is and neck are original finish.
The body has had a few cracks glued up professionally( also a long time ago. Heck this guitar is 100 years old. I do t have a pickguard for it, but is may not have had one, as there are no holes for it. The bridge has never been cut down. It needs a good set up, as the action is high, but the neck is straight as an arrow, and huge, and I mean huge.
The tone is killer as only old wood can do. This is a rare old gal, and someone will be very happy to be its new caretaker. The case is old, but I believe it to be a period correct Martin case. It's old, but in nice shape. Someone will be happy with this guitar as it's a very nice vintage Gibson.
I've priced it to sell as these even refined in worst shape sell for a bit more.
$1495.00 shipped.