For Sale Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 w/ Brand New Carry Bag

almost 3 years ago
For Sale Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 w/ Brand New Carry Bag
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The TH500 - warm, reliable, and well known around these message boards. The exterior/housing has a some scratches, but nothing major. It's worked flawlessly since I bought it.
Purchased locally from a fellow TB'er about 6 months ago, and it has not left the house since. I tend toward the super clean and hi-fi end of the tone spectrum. So I'm sticking with a different head and using pedals for the few occasions I need some grit/warmth. That said, keeping the gain and drive down allows you to dial in a lot of clarity with this amp. I even tested it out running my 3Leaf Enabler (DI/EQ/Pre) into the effects loop return to bypass the amp's EQ, and it was bell-like with my GK 112 cab. Thinking I may get the pedal version to still have the TH tonal options. Anyway...
I purchased a brand new TH 500 padded carry-bag ($60) from Aguilar right after I bought the amp - including that and the power cable. I've shipped a lot of gear include a 45 lb SVT with tubes, so the packing will be A+. Price includes CONUS shipping. Will knock off $20 for a local sale. Hit me up with questions. NO TRADES PLEASE.