Be A Tiplista!

over 1 year ago
Jon Seiff
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Steel Guitar Forum
Massachusetts, USA

I have for sale a 1930s tiple made by Harmony and then branded Bruno. Asking $400, HSC included. Would consider trade for comparably priced lap steel.
A tiple is close in size to a baritone uke, but with 10 strings, for a rich, jangly sound. Lots of info, including photos and sound sample, here:
Good condition, some surface cracks but they appear to be stable. This was set up and fitted with a compensated bridge by the famous Jake Wildwood. The compensated bridge helps in attempting to keep the 10 strings of various gauges more-or-less in tune.
Price includes a like-new Kala ukulele hard case in faux alligator, which fits snug as a bug. Contact me for more photos/questions. Thanks for reading my post!