For Sale Fender Super Bassman 300

over 3 years ago
For Sale Fender Super Bassman 300
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the cab appears to be sold pending payment and pickup - so for now just the head is for sale, and I'll
do $1,450 shipped.
I don't really want to sell this rig, but I've just joined a project that will require me to use my SVT....and I really don't see how I'll get to use the bassman for at least the next few years.
There's no point in just storing it, as I have a few other items I would like to purchase, so....
For sale is my Fender Super Bassman 300 in Blonde / Oxblood with the matching 610 cab.
This is an absolute beast of an amp, and I can't think of a bad thing I could say about it.
There are many threads on TB and elsewhere that can tell you more - but ask any questions you might have.
I purchased new in early 2015, and used for
about a dozen gigs.
It's sitting in my practice room at the moment - itching to be played!
When I received the head, the volume pot for the DI was faulty, and repaired under warranty.
Other than that the rig is in perfect health, with only the tiniest of scuffs or marks, typical when moving larger boxes around
I have the original packaging for the head, along with hang-tags, foot-switch etc.
I'm not really interested in shipping, for obvious reasons - but will be happy to drive within a reasonable distance of Dallas.
I also travel a bit with the new band, so there's always a chance I could be headed in your direction.
This is a $3,200 rig new, and I'm asking $2,500.
The only trade interest I have is an SVT CL Heritage Head / 810, or the right SVT CL / 810.
If you're tired of lugging yours, but want all the ooomph, some tasty options - in a lighter and smaller package - this could be a good opportunity.
I can take additional photos this week when I "visit" the amp at a rehearsal.