For Sale SVT - CL, made in the USA

over 3 years ago
For Sale SVT - CL, made in the USA
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This is a USA-made SVT Classic, all tube power section and preamp. I still have its original box for shipping too.
I have to explain the history of this particular head. It was in storage here in Nashville in May of 2010 when the flood hit. It was sitting up high enough to keep it from being completely submerged, but it did get a little bit of water in the bottom part of it. The bottom slab of wood on the head itself swelled a bit, but that's the extent of the contact with the water. However, moisture/condensation did affect part of the circuit board. We pulled out the head itself, and let it completely dry before we fired it up to see if it would still work. And it did. I used it during a two day rehearsal, and it never gave me one single problem. That was back in 2012 that I used it for the two days.
Here's what else I've done since then. I took it to British Audio Services here in Nashville, and they completely disassembled it. I'll include a picture of the receipt that explains exactly what they did, but suffice it to say that it's been thoroughly and completely refurbished, including a brand new set of tubes. The total for the repairs was $506.91.
I've used it since then, and it sounds just like it always did, maybe even a little better with a completely brand new set of tubes.
The pictures show it in a road case, and the road case is for sale too if you're interested in it.
(FYI... As a replacement for this head, I bought a new SVT-CL Heritage head and cabinet which I'm still using today on the road)
Feel free to email me at with any questions.