For Sale/Trade Regenerate Heritage 5 Extreme

over 2 years ago
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Pictures and everything you need to know about this bass can be found at original owner's @Buhbuhbass For Sale Thread.
Here -----> SOLD - Regenerate Heritage 5 Extreme
Playing the field a bit these days, I took this bass on a trade wanting to explore the 5 string P-bass realm.
The neck on this bass is twice as beautiful in person as it is in pictures.
The shell inlays just pop, and if you're a birdseye maple nut like me, yeah, schwing!
For reference, a bit more of a baseball bat profile as compared to my USA Lakland JO5.
The Nordy electronics and p/u's are all that.
More tonal options on this bass than you can shake a stick at.
The body, well this good ole girl is a road dog to be sure.
Those nicks and knocks and scratches, they're all there when you open up the case.
The knobs and control plate show wear and tear.
To be sure, this bass is fully functional, but it is well broken in.
Comes double packed in a couple of cheapo gig bags, or in the beat to $&!# hard case I got it in.
Sale price is $50 off what previous owner had it up for and the trade value we used in our deal.
Trades: I'm still somewhat curious about 5 string P basses, but less so.
When I want to play 5, well, its the SonicBlueJoe in my avatar.
A passive 5 Fender P would be interesting.
But I'm all about classic 4-banger P right now +/- cash.
Wanting a Fender made bass right now and I don't know why.
MIA/MIJ only.
Soft spot for a MIK Lakland Skyline Glaub with the Fralin p/u.
But yeah, P's, someone looking to to trade up to a 5.