Vintage Beverly King "Country Heritage" Magazines - DOBRO

over 2 years ago
Vintage Beverly King "Country Heritage" Magazines - DOBRO
Michael Lester
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Illinois, USA

1980s VINTAGE COUNTRY HERITAGE MAGAZINES published by Beverly King of Madill, Oklahoma. Cleaning a bookshelf and ran across this set of 58 Country Heritage Magazines that I may have ordered as a set in the 1980s. For those who may not know, Beverly King was a reso player and a friend and promoter of the playing of Bashful Brother Oswald. She self-produced these half-fold magazines (5.5'x8.5") and wrote or edited all of the content. Each issue includes stories of country music, bands, recordings and more interestingly, a dobro tab of a tune each month. A lot of the tunes were those of Roy Acuff.
These are nostalgic and reflect the music of the times - I'm looking at an issue dated June 1985 - One story headline is 'Modern Country On The Decline'....huh.
Flipping through these, I recall sitting with Ms. King's tabs and trying to work out the tunes without benefit of digital repeats, the original recordings or youtube videos.
I hate to just toss them -- your offer will be considered!