For Sale Keeley NEW Phat Mod FullRange OD - LOWER

almost 3 years ago
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still trying out various OD pedals
it does work well for bass with Phat switch engaged ..!
from home studio , as new w/all the stuff that comes with it ...
had it a few weeks ...
shipped lower 48 USA
some info from Keeley ;
Keeley Electronics Super Phat Mod
For you non-pedal historians out there, Robert Keeley got his start modding existing pedals, most notably Boss and Ibanez boxes. One of his most revered designs started its life as a Boss Blues Driver and ended as the BD-2 Phat Mod-equipped pedal.
The circuit is the most classic low-gain, and dare we say, transparent, drive circuit ever made. And somehow, Keeley made it even better. The logical conclusion to this road is the Super Phat Mod, representing both a slice of Keeley history and great tone.
The Keeley Super Phat Mod is a sparkling, rich OD useful for everything from Clapton to country and everything in between. Its buttery gain will envelop your amp and make your tone the best it can be. Turning down the gain yields exquisite clean boost tones, and cranking it up delivers a low-to-medium drive that will make you want two. Or three.
The toggle switch delivers Phat mode, which adds some real girth to the low end. This switch can be left alone for lead players looking to wring out some mojo, or enabled for rhythm players looking to thicken the mix. Whichever application you give the Super Phat Mod, it delivers the best results with no fuss and no muss.
Keeley Electronics Super Phat Mod Features:
Highly-refined Blues Driver circuit with several enhancements
Phat mode elevates the low end for beefier rhythms
True bypass
Made in USA
Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)