For Sale/Trade NS Stick and Gecko 9 string

almost 3 years ago
For Sale/Trade NS Stick and Gecko 9 string
John Bailey
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Seeing what's it there-Any interest in an NS Stick and Custom Gecko wide *9-10 string (see pics).
Good used condition. This stick was a player for someone prior to my purchase, but has primarily been in its case for the last year as I never got into as much as I thought I would.
This has the Moses Graphite neck and walnut (I believe) body with Gk-3 modified midi pickup system.
Moderate age is shown on rear and on tuning knobs.
Includes everything pictured:
NS Stick serial # EHC 6-04-09
Heavy duty strap
Alan wrench set
Mogami stereo cable
Y-cable splitter.
Anvil case
Gecko 9 string: It's ugly but pretty cool and plays well.
Dauntless Guitar Art Company (formerly EDW guitars) presents this 9 string bass prototype.
Please note- this is a prototype bass and as such was built to determine viability of the neck, headstock, string tension, design, playability etc. This was not built to be perfect from a finish perspective, although we think it is beautiful in its own right.
. And to answer the question, yes she is absolutely viable in all respects mentioned above.
On to the details:
Body- 6 piece Monkey Pod Wood (also known as Raintree wood)
Style:Gecko Wide 5-String (w/dual truss rods)
Orientation:Right Handed
Neck Wood:5 piece Maple/Bubinga
Fingerboard Wood:Ebony (Macassar)
Nut Width:2-3/16"
Back Shape:Asymmetric
Fret Size:6105
Tuner Ream:GB7 (14mm)
Radius:Straight 14"
Fret #:24
Side Dots:White Side Dots
Bridge: Custom 10 string hipshot style
Nut: Black Tusk-Graphteck
Tuners: Hipshot Open gear
Strings: Kalium-Custom 9-String Balanced
Electronics: Steve Bailey active Soapbar-6 string set. 3 band ASB-3ASB
Finish: neck remains unfinished, body is best described as raw, antiqued, rough....It was filled were needed, then painted gold tint that was then sanded through to leave only slight gold tint remaining. Then was painted purple and sanded through to give a worn or antique look. Gold then added and poly cleared to high gloss. Please see pictures for detail on finish... It did not for through our final finish process to remove imperfections and/or make touchups, so there are some rough spots and one very noticeable chip near the neck (pictured).
If you're looking for perfection (from a finish perspective) please look elsewhere. If you're looking for unique and one of a kind bass, let's talk, this may be for you. The bass is very playable and has a unique tone from the Steve Bailey soapbar set-designed for fretless, so gives this a nice soft tone while bringing out the highs in the octave strings. She is heavy, primarily from body construction, weighs in at 11.2 lbs. Neck dive is not a issue...
The bridge is designed for a 10 string bass, so this could be converted with some headstock work and a new nut. We wanted to have the best of both worlds with the clear low of the e string standing alone and highs matching A-C ( Yes, she's currently tuned E-C), so we left out the octave string on the E.
Lastly for the bad- the headstock has a small crack (pictured), but in no way effects playability or tunability. Also the routing for the rear cavity is not clean (no straight soft lines), nor is the cover recessed. The routing for the pickup's was done with pickup rings in mind, but we did not craft the rings to date.
I also have a Dean Euro custom select I'd let go for the right offer.
I'm not dying to sell just seeing if there's any interest.