Topic:  Postwar Kalamazoo KEH Lap Steel -- Carolyn Wonderland Model

almost 5 years ago
Topic:  Postwar Kalamazoo KEH Lap Steel -- Carolyn Wonderland Model
Jack Hanson
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Kalamazoo, Michigan

For your consideration I am offering my postwar Kalamazoo KEH (Kalamazoo Electric Hawaiian) model 6-string lap steel guitar.
Manufactured by Gibson, Inc. in their original plant at 225 Parsons Street in (you guessed it) Kalamazoo, Michigan circa 1948-1952, this was Gibson's budget-priced student model electric steel guitar.
A no-frills model featuring only a single volume control and fret markers stenciled directly to the top of the neck.
The hard-wired cable and Bakelite barrel phone plug appear to be original.
The KEH features a hot pickup and is a real screamer. Not a mellow-sounding instrument by any stretch, it excels for blues and rock styles. The following link depicts a KEH being put through its paces by Carolyn Wonderland of Austin, Texas:
This instrument appears to be completely original with the following exceptions:
1) When I took delivery of the instrument, the wood screws securing the bridge were unoriginal, undersized, and loose.
I replaced them with the proper size and type of brass screws to match the bridge.
2) The instrument came with these cheesy generic '70s era Japanese replacement tuners.
I purchased this set of period-correct Klusons with the aged patina befitting the instrument.
I installed new cream-colored plastic buttons from Stewart-MacDonald.
The original Plexiglas bridge cover, which is often missing, is included.
Sorry, no original case, but I will include this brand-new Gretsch gig bag which fits the KEH like a glove.
The KEH is currently set up with heavier-gauged strings for D tuning (D-A-F#-D-A-D, high to low).
$325.00 shipped in lower 48 as described above.
Subtract $50.00 to remove Klusons and reinstall generic Japanese tuners, as shown above. Subtract $25.00 to omit Gretsch gig bag ($35.00 value). Subtract $25.00 for local pickup.
Many additional photos available upon request. Thanks for looking.