Wedding Sale - Many Instruments

12 months ago
Ken Smith
Alan Brookes
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My wonderful daughter, Katherine Rose, and her fianc, John Akridge, are due to be married in April, and, in order to buy them a magnificent wedding present, I am having a once-in-a-lifetime clear-out sale.
Im not a dealer, just someone who has more instruments than I need, and I want to make them available to my Steel Guitar buddies before I offer them for sale elsewhere.
Im not out to make an enormous killing, just to get a reasonable price, but giving the stuff away at next-to-nothing would defeat the object.
As I said, I just want a reasonable price.
I rarely sell anything.
Most of the time I would rather just give things away to my friends, so Im not a good haggler.
I have no idea how much these items are worth, so Ill start off by offering them as is for you to make offers on.
But the idea is to raise money, so Ill keep them if the offers are too low.
Make me an offer.
No reasonable offer refused.
[1] Galveston D6
[2] As above, but rebuilt with two George L pickups.
(An offer has to be more than the value of two used George L pickups, or Ill use them elsewhere.)
[3] Silvertone Crest.
(Someone seems to have removed on of the pickups.)
[4] Airline. (Once owned by Rick Alexander, so I like to think that it has some of his talent soaked into it.)
[5] National D6.
[6] Electromuse.
[7] thru [9] Artisans. (Brand new. Red one has leg sockets.
All come with gig bags.)
[10] thru [12] SXs.
(Brand new.
Never used.
With hard cases.)
[11] S12.
Built by me. (Can be played acoustically or with pickups.
Has position markers rather than frets.
You cant see frets with your hands over them.
These markers are positioned so that your hand doesnt get in the way.)
[12] D6 with Whammy Bar. Built by me.
(Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.
A whammy bar on a steel guitar?
Actually, by combining this with your left-hand action you can get new effects you might like.
Comes with my name on the front, but, of course, if that doesnt impress anyone you can peel the letters off pretty easily.)
[13] Melobar 10-string.
[14] A Great Talking Point ! (It was sold at one time as an Hawaiian Guitar/Zither.
You plucked the open chords and moved the attached tone bar along the strings.
Quite a contortion if you can manage it.
I think Ill stick to a regular steel.)
[15] Thirty Steel Guitar Cassettes.
On the Alamo
Noel Boggs
Back to Back
Junior Knight and Gary Hogue
Pacific Steel Co.
Unforgettables #2
Bud Tutmarc
Grass Roots on Steel
Tommy Roots
Winner and Steel Champ
Herb Remington
Firebird Suite
Mike Perlowin
Altered Ego
Hal Rugg
Thumbs Up
Bobby Garrett
Cross Country
Doug Jernigan
Behind Bars
Dave Hayward
Life's a Railway to Heaven Skip Pilgrim
Kaufman Country Steel
Junior Knight
Steelin' the Hits
The Way We Wanted It
Steve Palousek & Randy Cornor
Not Rocket Science
Tommy Hannum
Kentucky Style Steel
Dale Wagner
For the Last Time
Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant
Anthrology Vol. II
Leon MCAuliffe
Burning Sands, Pearly Shells & Steel Guitars Jerry Byrd
From Nashville to Dallas Stu Basore & Wayne Smith
The Steel Guitar Sounds of Pete Drake
Steel Wool
Winnie Winston
Bobbie Seymour
Texas Swing
Maurice Anderson
Bobby Black
Honky Cat
Stars & Hits of the Steel Guitar Pete Drake and others
Monty Laffoon
Monty Laffoon
Steeling for the Master
Jack Heern