For Sale/Trade '88 Lowden S10P (Osize)

over 4 years ago
For Sale/Trade '88 Lowden S10P (Osize)
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This guitar is an Irish built Lowden from one of the best era's for Lowden guitars and by far one of the best sounding guitars I've played in over 50 years of playing guitar.
The good: I've owned 4 Lowdens and have played hundreds at every price level and from each of the different eras. This guitar is easily among the top 5 sounding Lowdens that I have played. It has everything that you desire and hope for in a Lowden. It really is like an orchestra in your lap. Plus, it has the mojo that happens with a guitar that has been played a lot and has come alive. This guitar sings like the angels.
The neutral: This guitar comes from the era where the first letter indicated the wood choice for b/s so it is mahogany b/s with a cedar top in an O size and shape. The 10 designation at that time indicated simple purflings, a two piece neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. The P indicates that it originally had a pickup. There were no UST pups available then for split saddles so the folk at Lowden did a saddle that is about 2X the width of the other saddles, allowing a radical compensation equal to that found on the split saddles. Underneath, there is an ebony shim with a channel routed for the UST element which essentially embeds the element in wood, making for a better sounding pickup (IMHO). I have a fishman that was installed when I purchased the guitar that I can reinstall if desired. The pickup in the photos is not included. It comes in the original green Hiscox case... in poor condition. The guitar has no cracks and in spite of the size, is as light as a feather. Did I mention this guitar sounds amazing?
The bad: The guitar was played hard and as one might expect, the cedar top is scarred. There are no cracks but it does have lots of scratches. It has a tortoise pickguard that I expect was installed to cover some of the scratches. The P part included a shoulder mounted pre-amp with two small holes through the side for a tone and volume control. Think of tiny toneports. There is some wear on the fingerboard and a few small areas that were filled in with what looks like epoxy. And the worst bit is that the bridge must have raised at some point and rather than doing the correct repair, someone put two bolts into the bridge. They did a good job and while not invisible, the repair doesn't scream out, "look at me!" The bolts would make it impossible to mount an SBT like the K&K in the correct place. Finally, the case is in pretty bad shape. I don't know whether a new case is available as the geometry of the back is a little different than the current O guitars and it doesn't fit in their cases. I use a Mono M80 gigbag which is technically too small for it but works OK. I would include it for a separate low cost for the bag if desired.
Would consider trades for high end bass cab plus cash on your part.
Here are some more photos...
Lowden S10P by Roy Donkin | Photobucket