1970's Vintage Yamaki Acoustc MIJ ( a real killer.)

over 1 year ago
1970's Vintage Yamaki  Acoustc MIJ  ( a real killer.)
Orlando Colom
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Florida, USA

I've had this beauty for a long time. It's basically a Martin D 28
Copy made in Japan , with a bound neck. The Yamaki brand was made for the Japan market only. It was brought back from Japan by a family friend a long time back.
The guitar is nice and clean for its age, and looks great. No crack or bowing of the top, and the neck is nice and full, like a regular Martin neck.
The sound is big and balanced. For a laminate top, this guitar actually sounds better than some real martins ive owned. The action is bluegrass height. Plays easily but toward the 12th fret is medium to higher action. Did I say this guitar sounds like a million dollars, loud, balanced and good bottom end too.
It has Grover tuners and the frets are in great shape. They are,are on the smaller size
fret wire not a tall big fret. The guitar usually sells used in the 450 range. I'm going to give someone a great deal on here. It will ship I'd a period correct chipboard case.
$325.00 shipped.