WELDED FRAME MCI D-10 restored.

over 3 years ago
WELDED FRAME MCI  D-10 restored.
john widgren
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wilton CT USA

Welded frame MCI D-10 8X6. Emmons set up.
Deep red mica, metal necks, closed headstock, B&W fretboards, E-66 pickups, Butcher block unflocked floating top.
I did a "parts off" total clean-up and re-build including both changers. Has new replacement OEM cast pedals (I have 6 of the original extruded type that go with the guitar) One of the underside selector switch buttons is cosmetically broken but fully functional.
Very good plus to excellent condition, plays beautifully and sounds wonderful and huge.
These welded framers are pretty special.
Can only post for two weeks now, and will repost again in a few months if not sold quickly.
Special deals to any Denver area buyers Call to discuss.
$3475, plus shipping and ins.
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