Emmons SD10 Lashley Legrande II

about 4 years ago
Emmons SD10 Lashley Legrande II
Chris Grigsby
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Denver, CO

I am selling this beautiful "Strayhorn-era" Emmons SD10 Lashley Legrande II in Red Mica in fantastic condition that I literally just bought from the esteemed Billy Knowles at Steel Guitar East.
Why am I selling it so soon?
In short, I have an opportunity to pick up a new Mullen from their factory a few hours from my home here in Colorado that I don't want to pass up.
I'm going to have them set it up with lower legs and a humbucker since my studio has a fair amount of hum associated with the antiquated wiring in my 1939 home!
Rather than make these changes to the Emmons, I've decided to put it up for sale so someone else can enjoy this fine instrument in its original state.
This guitar was just professionally lubed and set-up by Billy Knowles before he shipped it to me, and he also went through it before it went to its last owner, Butch Dixon, who told me it was one of the best playing steels he has ever owned.
The case has some external wear but is 100% functional.
Asking $3,000 plus shipping and I'll split the paypal fee with you.
No trades as I have already ordered the Mullen.
_________________Emmons Legrande II SD10, Hilton Volume Pedal, Milkman 40w Pedal Steel Mini, Walker Seat...and a whole lot of learning to do!!!